ZIRCA + REBEL’s 3rd Anniversary


Zirca (a mega dance club) and Rebel (a boutique hip-hop and R&B club) celebrated their 3rd anniversary over a 2-day extravaganza of their hottest resident nights on the 25th and 26th of November by pushing partying to a tongue-in-cheek hoax of a political agenda.

Design Strategy

The concept for Zirca and Rebel’s 3rd Anniversary was conceived from the simple idea to make partying a religion, a way of life. To proliferate our potent messages, the artwork had to follow a strong bold communist style, designed to be as distinct as possible. It had to be a propaganda.

Zirca + Rebel 3rd Anniversary poster design

Inspired by none other than the ubiquitous Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Propaganda series, the illustration follows the common themes of radical communist style posters: the main insignia of the artwork is a hand holding up three digits (to symbolize the 3rd anniversary) framed within a crest, incorporating ornamental frame designs and flourishes, heraldry and banners, stars and guilloche elements.

I had originally suggested superfluous liners like BLIND SHUFFLING CAN BE HAZARDOUS, MAKE PARTYING YOUR RELIGION and DISOBEDIENCE ON THE DANCEFLOOR. All of which were (sadly) rejected for more politcally-correct liners like HOME OF THE RESIDENTS, MAKE PARTYING YOUR CALLING and POWER TO THE CLUBBERS. These liners can be seen tracing the circular edge of the illustration.

The poster in outdoor billboard.

The collaterals included a flyer design (which includes the month’s club schedule and unfolds to a mini-poster at the back), our regular monthly ad at the back of JUICE magazine (November issue of 2011), electronic direct mailers, outdoor posters for the Anniversary itself as well as November’s club schedule/listings.

The square flyer, folded twice, expands to reveal the month’s music lineup.

The back of the flyer features a full-page artwork which can be used as a poster.

The month’s music lineup and schedule advertisement in a local magazine.

I also designed the lightbox which was installed at the facade of the club entrance as well as a 2.5m by 2.5m photowall (to serve as a backdrop for trigger-happy partygoers.

We also had giveaways such as t-shirts and totebags.

A totebag was produced to be given away as a special doorgift for the event. Tshirts bearing the design was also produced.