Hi, I am Natalie, an art director based in Singapore.

I graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communications (Multimedia) in 2007 and have worked as a graphic and digital designer in agencies small and large, and in-house across a few F&B groups, expanding my creative portfolio from print and digital work to include content creation via photography and videography. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design in 2016.

Through my years of work experience and familiarity in social media, I can visualise, construct and orchestrate brand identity and presence in this digital age. Although I am first and foremost a trained visual designer, I have taught myself coding and am able to execute front-end development with understanding of web semantics and user journeys. I am able to realise a creative vision from the initial stages of conceptualisation through prototyping to the live production.

In late 2018, I partnered with a Chef to open Preludio, a fine dining restaurant, building the business from ground up in every aspect from guest relations and marketing strategy to business management and operations architecture. The journey was tough but highly rewarding as Preludio became a highly acclaimed restaurant. I was featured in a Robb Report article for International Women’s Day for my efforts. I left at the end of 2021 to broaden my creative horizons, hungry to explore a different field.

Outside of my professional work, I’m a creator at heart who is constantly in the pursuit of artistic expression through various forms of visual media. I draw and paint actively under my artist pseudonym Nataliette, and have been published and participated in exhibitions worldwide, showing in a solo exhibition “Food & Obsession” in 2009. I taught myself 3-D modelling to create a toy character series Ava the Archetype; I illustrated “Me IRL“, a series of GIFs about the mundanity of daily life; and aspire to be a “stage mum” to my cockatiels @tielmama which I personally grew to 100k followers organically within a year.

I believe all these personal projects endeavour to highlight and complement my profile as a multi-disciplinary creative and achiever. I will never stop learning.