Food & Obsession

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Food & Obsession: a solo exhibition by Nataliette

In late of 2008, I took a year off work to focus on my passion for illustration to create many personal works under the pseudonym, “Nataliette”. The narratives in my work are stories from life interpreted in visual metaphors. I felt like my art was an open diary, simultaneously selfish yet relatable. My work explores the rhetoric of resignation, desolation and the wearisome mundanity of existence manifested in dolls, food and beasts. I find beauty in the unnatural and grotesque; the irony of duality and paradox; the ideologies in myth and legend — with influences from the vanitas, symbolisms, and macabre.

Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA) and HOUSE collaborate to debut a young local illustrator’s first solo exhibition. Based on the theme of ‘Food Obsession’, the visual study on food behaviour features a series of limited digitally printed canvas artworks displayed and available for sale at HOUSE, 8D Dempsey Road from 11th of September to 10th October 2009.

Her first exhibition illustrates the icons, symbols and representations of food as they interact with and manifest in the human body. Sub-topics such as vegetarianism, genetic modification, food and morality emerge in her artworks, resulting in images that are a tad whimsical, provocative and not to everyone’s tastebuds. But definitely, food for thought.
Other pieces of my personal work that were also for sale at the show
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